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Custom Team Apparel Available

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Primal Wear Custom Apparel for all American Cancer Society Bike Events in the 2013 year.

Team Jerseys
Team Jerseys are completely optional and artwork/design must be coordinated between the team and jersey vendor. Day 2 is the official Team Jersey Day of the ride.

Ordering Team Jerseys

Click here request a custom quote and more information on the American Cancer Society Bike Event Apparel Partner, Primal Wear. With Primal Wear your team is able to produce quality custom jerseys and apparel.

Jersey Size & Pricing

The minimum team order for custom jerseys is 15 pieces. For jersey pricing information check out the Primal Price List For sizing information check out the  Primal Fit Guide

Primal Wear’s Give Back Program

In addition, your team will benefit with a 15% donation back to your team’s 2013 fundraising campaign for the Pan Ohio Hope Ride through the  Primal Gives Back Team Program.

Primal Wear Discount

In addition to team jerseys, Primal Wear, is also offering 20% off your purchase in their online merchandise store.  Download the coupon

Ordering Jerseys/Apparel

To order jerseys/apparel or find out information on Primal Gives Back please contact John Hutchinson, Primal Wear at 1.800.275.6953 or by email at john.h@primalwear.com or fill out a custom quote through the American Cancer Society Apparel Parnter page on Primal Wear’s site.

Event & Training Jerseys

Event Jerseys are separate from this program and are earned by raising the minimum $500 beyond the non-refundable registration fee. Event Jerseys will be mailed out prior to the ride once a participant has raised the $500 minimum. Training Jerseys are an incentive that are earned by the first 150 riders that raise $350 by March 1. These jerseys will be mailed out the first week of April. Day 4 is the official Event Jersey Day of the ride.

Have general questions?

For general inquiries about jerseys, other jersey manufacturers, or use of the Pan Ohio Hope Ride logo* please contact Paul Purdy at panohioinfo@cancer.org or call 888.227.6446 x 1222.


Above And Beyond the Fight Against Cancer

Above And Beyond the Fight Against Cancer

As the Pan Ohio Hope Ride Grows,
so does Team Cleveland Clinic

Partick Surdy joined the Cleveland Clinic in 2009. After less than two weeks with the clinic, he approached the Chair of the Cancer Institute and blindly asked for any and all support for the Pan Ohio Hope Ride.

Answering the call to action for riders, clinic staff went above and beyond expectations.
“The first year I just wanted to get people on the team,” remembers Surdy. “My goal was 10 riders and 30 signed up.”

Today, the Cleveland Clinic’s team growth mirrors that of the Hope Ride. In 2012, 66 Cleveland Clinic employees, patients, and friends participated in the four-day, 328 mile bike ride from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Overall, the Clinic team members cycled 18,600 combined miles and raised over $120,000.

“We try to make it a family atmosphere,” Surdy notes. “Everybody is riding because cancer has touched them. This is an opportunity to meet and build camaraderie.”

As each Hope Ride passes, the team continues to come back and takes a strong ownership in its role in the fight against cancer.

“I’ve gotten to meet a lot of really cool people both in and out of the clinic who are just great human beings,” said Surdy.

Surdy is committed to continuing his role with the Cleveland Clinic team, helping to lead the year-long effort. “Every year I am so touched,” Surdy proudly exclaims. “With the support of the clinic, our employees, and all our riders, we continue to pull more people in.”

“The efforts of team captain Pat Surdy and the 32 other clinic employees in completing this 4-day event are just extraordinary,” said former Derek Raghavan MD PhD, former Chair & Director of the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute after the Clinic’s first year participating. “This is the realization of Pat’s dream and is a great tribute to his leadership, grit and determination. I’m really proud to have been associated with them and to have been able to support their activities