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How your donation helps: Hope Lodges

Imagine if someone you loved was diagnosed with cancer.  What would you do?  Where would you even start?

Then, to make things even worse, imagine if you learned that the only place for your loved one to get treatment was far from home.  Where would you stay?  How much would a hotel bill cost while you wait for weeks of hospital stays to be over?

This is precisely why the American Cancer Society created the Hope Lodges.  The Hope Lodges provide a place for families to stay while they’re loved ones are undergoing cancer treatment.  It saves them the stress of worrying about where they’ll sleep, and lets them focus on their loved one.  And since the other guests of the Hope Lodge are going through the exact same thing, they also find a nurturing and understanding community.

Donations raised by the Pan Ohio Hope Ride will benefit Hope Lodges directly.  Your donation makes a real difference for people whose lives have been affected by cancer.