The Jeffers Family is all in for the Pan Ohio Hope Ride, a true #POHRFamily!

“A rider since 2011, Justin Jeffers understands what the “Pan” in Pan Ohio Hope Ride means: all inclusive of a whole.  In Justin’s case, it means his whole family participates in the event.  Justin started as a rider on The Cardinal’s Peloton team and has raised more than $17,000 in the fight against cancer.  Most of his fundraising success has been through his golf fundraising event, “Pedal Out Cancer Open”, which began with six teams raising $700, and now hosts 21 teams and raised $6,000 last year.  

Jeffers Pic #1

Justin has enlisted his entire family to be a part of the effort since they share his enthusiasm for the cause.  Kay Jeffers, Justin’s mother, is the lead volunteer for the Sunbury, Ohio water stop, which was named “3rd Best Water Stop” in 2014.  Kay used a ballpark theme and welcomed riders at mile 85 on a hot and sunny 100-mile day.  Justin’s family and friends help at the water stop until the very last rider pedals through.  His wife, Tiff, their two children, and his father have also been part of the effort to support riders, raise funds, and cheer Justin on at the finish line.

Jeffers #2

Tiff rode in the Pan Ohio Hope Ride for the first time in 2012, and the event took on more meaning for the Jeffers family when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.  Though the family faced a new challenge with her diagnosis, Tiff has fully completed her recovery.  For the Jeffers family, the Pan Ohio Hope Ride is all inclusive of a whole, including a whole lot of family, love, and support.  “For us, it’s a four-day journey of camaraderie and picking each other up to get through the 328 miles.  It’s the interaction with the great people you meet and sharing stories that make the ride special for our family and others,” said Justin.”

Use the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to demonstrate how your own family supports Pan Ohio or how you have become “family” through your experience with the ride. 

NOT riding in July?  REGISTER as a VIRTUAL PARTICIPANT and become part of the POHR Family!  Register as a Virtual Participant, raise at least $100 and you will receive an Official 2015 POHR Event Shirt! 

Use #POHRFamily to share your “family” spirit and help expand our growing POHR Family!


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