Time for 2015 #328POHRDay Voting!

Thank you to everyone that submitted a photo, fundraising idea, or video to us for the “Show us YOUR 328″ contest!

We are again putting the top 6 ideas to a vote on the web for the most creative way that our riders showed us their “328” for a prize of $328 donated anonymously to their individual fundraising campaign or their team and inclusion in the 2016 calendar!

Please help us decide the winner; vote by Tuesday, April 7!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED – Congratulations Kevin Grigsby for winning the 3.28 Day Contest with 557 votes.  His prize is a $328 donation to his account from an anonymous donor.

Over 1,100 responses for the voting – great job everyone!

Entry #1:  3:28 on 3/28

Matt Welch- 328

Matt Welch snapped a screenshot at the perfect time!

Entry #2:  $3.28 for 328 Day!

Brian Bortz-328

Brian Bortz craftfully arranged $3.28 for the POHR Holiday!

Entry #3: 328 Day Collage

328 Collage- Kevin Grigsby

Kevin Grigsby created a 328 optical illusion using many different forms of 328!

Entry #4: 328 at the Beach!

Denyse Patterson-328

Denyse Patterson uses the beach to help create her tribute to 328 Day!

Entry #5: The Jeffers Celebrate with 328!

Justin Jeffers-328

Justin & Tiff Jeffers Celebrate a final surgery with 328 Day in Mind!

Entry #6: 328 Day Hero

Lori Anthony-328-03.30

Lori Anthony shows her 328 pride in superhero fashion!


4 thoughts on “Time for 2015 #328POHRDay Voting!

  1. Carol Gottlieb

    Brian, I voted again, this time correctly. It seems you are in a close race with the #1 pic. Good luck in the voting.


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