Your Dollars At Work

Thanks in part to the support of our Pan Ohio Hope Ride participants and donors, the American Cancer Society is leading the way in the fight to end cancer: from discovering lifesaving cancer breakthroughs to helping people with cancer today get the help, support, and resources they need to get well. Each year, we help cancer patients everywhere get the help that they need.

Did you know? US Cancer Death Rates have declined 20% since 1990, saving 1.2 million lives.

Did you know?
Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has awarded more than $3.9 Billion in research grants, helping to develop drugs to treat leukemia and advanced breast cancer, helping to confirm that cigarette smoking and obesity are both linked to cancer, and helping to show that mammography is the most effective way to find early breast cancer.

Did you know? A donation of just $50 helps to provide seven rides to and from treatment. A donation of $100 helps guide two women facing cancer through every step of their journey.



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