Who I’m Riding For – Todd Marazzi

Todd Marazzi is 42, the father of two boys and married to the best woman in the world for 17 years. In 2008, Todd was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma and an unrelated cancerous tumor in his bronchial airway.

The first priority was attacking the lymphoma, and he underwent three courses of chemo and a stem cell transplant. He received his treatments in 2010, the same year he participated in his first Pan Ohio Hope Ride. He did it as a personal challenge and felt he wanted to ride for all the patients he met during his treatments that were unable to get out and do anything, let alone ride a bike. He also wanted to show his wife and kids that things weren’t that much different than they were before. For Todd, his first ride was a serious struggle to make it to the end but when he did, it was incredible.

That following January, he went in for surgery on the airway. The tumor had damaged too much tissue and the doctors had to remove all of the left airway as well as his left lung. The ride came around in July and off he went again, but this time with twice as much to prove. His second year riding, he experienced the same results – a struggle but feeling incredible. He can’t describe the feeling at the finish line. He’s been lucky enough to ride the following years and is excited to head out this year. Todd is riding for all the patients, past and present, that can’t ride for themselves, and he’s also riding for his family. As a tradition, he writes the name of everyone he knows on the inside of his Pan Ohio jersey.

Todd is riding with the Cleveland Clinic team. He’s met many new people and has made new friends the past couple of years and is honored to wear the Cleveland Clinic jersey. Alongside Todd is his brother-in-law Tony, who Todd says he couldn’t this ride with Tony’s efforts.

Every year, Todd experiences highs and lows, but it’s also a super emotional journey for Todd to get towards the finish line every day and to see his wife and kids cheering for him and Tony.

For the new riders, get ready for the best four days you can spend on a bike and watch out for Mr. Bond, he’s not stopping for anything.


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