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Why I Ride – Mike Woods

Mike Woods is riding for a co-worker’s daughter who is just twelve years. He is riding for Nicole. Before riding in the Pan Ohio Hope Ride, Mike cycled a few times for the Tour of the Roses ride in Austin, Texas and he didn’t know about the Pan Ohio Hope Ride until he saw a flier at Marymount.

This is a personal trip for Mike. He is looking forward to receiving a memento from Nicole so when he takes it out of his jersey at any point during the ride, he is reminded of her and why he is riding. He plans to give Nicole his jersey after the ride is over along with the “Riding For” placecard.

As a new rider to Pan Ohio, Mike is looking forward to a memorable moment from the ride. Having cycling experience from other rides, Mike is inspired by seeing all the cyclists, volunteers and families who support the riders. Everyone has a story to tell and positive kharma to spread.

Mike’s advice for new riders? Take it slow, drink more than you think you need and eat a lot.


Joshua Johnson rides for those who can’t… Who are you riding for?

POHR rider Joshua Johnson recalls his experience with the Cleveland Hope Lodge and shares the inspiring story of why he rides for those who can’t.


2012 was the first year I participated in the Pan Ohio Hope Ride…as a rider. You see, I’d been involved once before. In 2009,  I was a patient/guest at the Hope Lodge in Cleveland. During the kickoff dinner, I clearly recall the excited cyclists and their families enjoying a wonderful meal and time spent together before the event began the next morning. However, times were not so cheery for my wife and I. For the next year, I would be fighting for my life against cancer.


In 2011, after making a miraculous recovery from two surgeries, chemotherapy, and nearly life ending complications, I began to set my sights on the upcoming POHR. I was never a cyclist to begin with. In fact, I spent my college years playing football as an offensive lineman at nearly 300 pounds. Cycling offered me a window to regain some of the athleticism I had lost. I was determined to participate in the Hope Ride again, only this time I’d be riding in it myself.

When people ask me who I’m riding for, I never hesitate: I ride for those who can’t. I ride for those who will be staring through the Hope Lodge windows at me. I ride for those who have gone before me in their own battles with cancer. For those who shared conversations with me in hospital beds next to mine. I ride, most notably, for those I never saw again.

IMG_3045 (2)

The POHR has impacted my life in two noticeable ways. First, it has obviously provided me a way to give back to the Hope Lodge and its staff for all of their outstanding, selfless effort. I was the recipient of unmatched hospitality while staying there and now I am able to raise donations to benefit others in need of that wonderful resource. Second, the POHR has become an outlet to raise awareness among those who may not know my story and provide encouragement for those facing their own battles. 

My favorite and most memorable part of the event has to be the kickoff party. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of accomplishment after completing the ride is wonderful! But I truly enjoyed visiting with the guests/patients at the Hope Lodge and encouraging them. I guess this part goes hand in hand with my advice for new and returning riders: Try going inside and striking up a conversation with the people on the other side of the glass. You never know, they may be riding beside you next year!

Here’s to a wonderful POHR 2013!




Who I’m Riding For – Todd Marazzi

Todd Marazzi is 42, the father of two boys and married to the best woman in the world for 17 years. In 2008, Todd was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma and an unrelated cancerous tumor in his bronchial airway.

The first priority was attacking the lymphoma, and he underwent three courses of chemo and a stem cell transplant. He received his treatments in 2010, the same year he participated in his first Pan Ohio Hope Ride. He did it as a personal challenge and felt he wanted to ride for all the patients he met during his treatments that were unable to get out and do anything, let alone ride a bike. He also wanted to show his wife and kids that things weren’t that much different than they were before. For Todd, his first ride was a serious struggle to make it to the end but when he did, it was incredible.

That following January, he went in for surgery on the airway. The tumor had damaged too much tissue and the doctors had to remove all of the left airway as well as his left lung. The ride came around in July and off he went again, but this time with twice as much to prove. His second year riding, he experienced the same results – a struggle but feeling incredible. He can’t describe the feeling at the finish line. He’s been lucky enough to ride the following years and is excited to head out this year. Todd is riding for all the patients, past and present, that can’t ride for themselves, and he’s also riding for his family. As a tradition, he writes the name of everyone he knows on the inside of his Pan Ohio jersey.

Todd is riding with the Cleveland Clinic team. He’s met many new people and has made new friends the past couple of years and is honored to wear the Cleveland Clinic jersey. Alongside Todd is his brother-in-law Tony, who Todd says he couldn’t this ride with Tony’s efforts.

Every year, Todd experiences highs and lows, but it’s also a super emotional journey for Todd to get towards the finish line every day and to see his wife and kids cheering for him and Tony.

For the new riders, get ready for the best four days you can spend on a bike and watch out for Mr. Bond, he’s not stopping for anything.

Why I Ride – Steve Troxel

Steve is no stranger to cancer.Bike_Troxel2

His first experience with it was after oldest daughter had just been born. His mother was planning to travel from Washington to Texas to see her new granddaughter, even though she hadn’t been feeling well. Before traveling, she saw her doctor who recommended she saw specialist. The prognosis was stage 4 melanoma, with not much time left. His mother passed away five months later.

Three years ago his baby sister was diagnosed with brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme. She went through all the treaments; chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Sadly, she lost her life 10 months later, leaving behind her husband and three young children.

Earlier this year, Steve’s 12 year-old daughter was having stomach pain. The pain continued after trying two types of antibiotics and it wasn’t until his wife suggested a sonogram that revealed a large mass. Further testing revealed stage 3 ovarian cancer. According to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, only 1.2 percent of females younger than 20 are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Consumed with tests, surgery and chemotherapy for the first five months of 2013, the initial results indicate the treatments have been successful for his daughter.

Who is Steve Riding For?

Steve is not only righting for his mother, sister and daughter, he is riding for others to show someone cares.

Steve first heard about the Pan Ohio Hope Ride in March, when his friend, Dave Riel from Dayton asked to create a team in honor of Steve’s daughter. Steve’s response? Absolutely yes, and team Kaylee’s Krew was born. Steve began researching what the Pan Ohio Ride was about after talking with Dave. A week later, he spoke with Dave asking to fly out from Texas to Ohio to participate. Without a bicycle, in the middle of treatments for his daughter and not having ridden a bike in more than 30 years, Steve wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into.

What inspired Steve to join the Pan Ohio Hope Ride? The cause of the event, riding for those who aren’t able, raising funds for the American Cancer Society, and the adventure of cycling 328 miles in four days across Ohio. Like many other riders participating in POHR, this is Steve’s first organized ride. POHR has motivated Steve to look for more ways to be involved in the giant effort called The Fight Against Cancer. “It’s going to take many armies to win this battle and I am pleased to be part of the fight.  The amount of effort from so many dedicated people who make this event possible gives hope that this is a battle which can be won.”

Steve’s Fundraising Tips

Steve manages a large mailing list of people who have been following the story with his sister and daughter for the last several years.  So many people from all over the world are affected by cancer.  When he told them he was riding to support families going through the battle and asked for their help, they responded. He is pleased with the amount of money raised and especially pleased with the number of people who have donated; more than 200.  Steve’s one and only technique: Tell your story and ask.

Training Advice for New Riders

Although Steve is a new POHR rider himself, his training advice includes:

  1. If your goal is to ride a long ride like POHR, quickly get your riding level up to 25 miles, ride often, and learn to enjoy the ride. 
  2. Understand that as you increase your mileage, it will be normal for your butt to get sore. It does get less uncomfortable if you keep it up. 
  3. Give yourself enough time to train. The amount of time varies for each rider and Steve is not sure how much is enough for others, especially since he was only able to really train on the bike for six weeks prior to POHR.This might not enough but he had logged a lot of running miles before starting, which has helped.

A New Love for Cycling

Bike_Troxel1Steve has really enjoyed getting involved in biking. POHR gave him a goal and the motivation to train. He is hooked on cycling and hopes to find other opportunities to ride and raise money for the fight against cancer. Every time he rides, he praises God that my legs and lungs still work. He knows that many people around the world would love to ride but are physically not able; his sister would have loved to ride across Ohio.

“I often think that I ride and run simply because I can; many others cannot and, while I can, I will keep going.”

Stay tuned for a follow and hear about Steve’s Pan Ohio experience.

Logistics Information and Maps



We are excited to announce a new START LINE location partnership with the Cleveland Plain Dealer and MCPc.  Due to other community events and altered traffic patterns we are moving our Start Line to a new downtown location for 2013. Our new START location at the Plain Dealer Plaza (1801 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114) enables us to have a more open Start and celebration area, more parking, better access for all and enables us to highlight downtown Cleveland, just as we feature Columbus and Cincinnati during the course of our 328 mile journey.


The entire route in now available on our website including route changes for DAY ONE. To maintain a Safe, Fun and Meaningful experience for all, the route is reworked each year to improve the ride, work around road construction and avoid highly traveled, unsafe areas.

Other community events also impact our route so please note our significant changes to DAY ONE. Our new DAY ONE route is nearly the same mileage as last year will be enhanced by more support from local municipalities along the way.

You can view the Entire Four Day Route of the Pan Ohio Hope Ride here along with maps from MapMyRide software, including a new program for POHR: RideWithGPS, which offers downloadable turn-by-turn instructions and mapping.
Logistics Information:

The 2013 Logistics/info Packet is now available on our website. Visit the Logistics page to download this important information and view the maps. The packet includes General information, Daily Schedules and Maps of Start, Finish and College Overnight locations.

PLEASE READ through the packets for NEW Information and important changes from previous years. (Major changes are highlighted in yellow.) All of this information will be available in hard copy and mailed out soon.
After reading the Logistics/Info Packets, if you still have questions, please contact us at 888-227-6448, ext. 1208 or at

Announcing – Pan Ohio Hope Ride Merchandise

Announcing – Pan Ohio Hope Ride Merchandise
Show your passion and support the American Cancer Society’s Pan Ohio Hope Ride effort to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays with our new 2013 Pan Ohio Hope Ride merchandise! Get geared up with official apparel and show your support in our effort to end cancer!

Download the official  Merchandise Flyer and order form in PDF or Word Format – Pan Ohio Hope Ride Merchandise Order Form to place your order today!

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