Training for the Big Ride

In less than 6 months, the Pan Ohio Hope Ride will roll out of Cleveland for its seventh journey across Ohio!  What better time to get started training to pedal your bike across Ohio and to continue fundraising to make sure that you surpass the $500 required minimum fundraising (beyond the registration fee).

Training for an endurance event like the Pan Ohio Hope Ride is something that is very personal to a rider. We encourage riders to find a plan that is going to fit your availability, comfort, and preference of distance vs. length of time training.  Take some time to research a plan that will fit you best and try out a few of them to find what works for you. We have plenty of Training Tips on our site and registered participants have access to two sample training plans for download on the home screen of their Participant Center when you log in with your POHR user name.

There are many plans, online tools, calendars, and apps out there for download as well if you search that will help you get to the Finish Line on July 28, the above tips and sample plans are just a tool for riders  to get started.


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