A talk with a rider

Talking with rider Ben Blanquera:

Why are you riding?

I enjoy giving back to others who need help in their time of need.  It feels very rewarding for me.  No family is left untouched by this disease and that is true of my own family.  My brother was a childhood cancer survivor (hodgekins).  As a young person I watched my brother, Arturo, go through his chemo treatments, lose his hair and fight the illness.  It was a taxing time on our family both physically and emotionally.  Fortunately today Arturo is cancer free.

What will keep you going all the way?

The Pan Ohio ride is a great way to make new friends or just ride with your existing friends.  Along with my wife, Sandy Blanquera, I’ll also ride with some long time friends like Neal and Bonny Roberts.  The notion that I am doing something good for others will also help keep me plugging along.  I love how easy the organizers have made it for us, taking care of all of our needs so we can stop, hydrate and eat an abundance of good food.

What can people do to support you and the other riders?

Contributions are always appreciated.  Come by and cheer us on as we ride through the Columbus area!


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